Intern, JBBS Counseling

Position: JBBS Counseling Intern

Full time: TBD by Internship Requirements from the School

Department: Forensics

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Position Summary: This position also focuses on learning to collaborate with community partners, jail staff, and multidisciplinary treatment teams. This position develops in-depth case management skills through re-entry planning, relapse prevention planning, and helps connect clients to resources in preparation for release. You will receive weekly group supervision and weekly individual supervision from the JBBS team lead and program supervisor, both of whom are dually licensed in MH/SUD. An interest in working with substance use disorders is a must, as our program provides substance use treatment. This position requires passing an extensive background check that often takes 1 - 2 months to complete; to accommodate this need all applications for Fall 2021 must be completed by June 1st, 2021.

Requirements: Must be currently enrolled as a counseling graduate student and internship eligible; valid driver's license or other form of identification, must pass a rigorous background check.

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