Crisis Intern

Position Title: Crisis Services Intern

Part-time: 20-24 Hours per week; Sunday through Wednesday or Wednesday through Saturday.

Position Summary: Interns will initially engage in orientation and training, continuously participate in ongoing training with staff, contribute to all staff monthly meetings, receive clinical support in weekly and/or group supervision, and have ongoing support from the team throughout their duration to provide an enriching internship experience. Interns will work in a collaborative team approach internally at our Crisis Stabilization Unit. Professions may include a medical provider, nurse provider, mental health therapist, case managers, peer specialist, and administrative staff. SummitStone's Crisis Services offers an array of experiences for an intern to develop skills while working with client's experiencing crisis situations on our Crisis Stabilization Unit. Clinical skills offered daily are in a group and individual setting to support and navigate a client's treatment to managing their ongoing mental health stability.

Minimum Qualifications: Either a first or second year MSW student is preferred for this position. Ability to communicate verbally and in writing in a manner readily understood by others.

Preferred: Bilingual/Bi-cultural